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Welcome to MKL Car Hire, offering economical city Smart Cars. In these times we all need to cut costs, what better way than to hire a smart car when you arrive in London. These cars are trendy, nippy, easy to park, gives you great fuel efficiency, but you still need to pay the Congestion Charge.

If you want to be seen in a good looking stylish car, then look no further MKL Car Hire London will a commentate you with a Mercedes Smart Car Hire London. Hire a NEW 4 Door Smart Car in LONDON. Bentley Car Hire Rental London, Rent 7 Seater People Carrier Online Booking Rental.

* Minimum booking 2 days. Fully Comprehensive Insurance (Insurance Price Maybe Higher), 100 Miles Per Day. Booking Over 5 Days Unlimited Mileage, Satellite Navigation Voice Control System, Bluetooth, USB port

We are committed to making your travel faster, easier and more enjoyable. So reserve a smart car rental online with MKL Car Hire. Enjoy the ride from our office to your Home. With Smart Car Hire London. Mercedes Smart Car Hire London. Hire a NEW 4 Door Smart Car in LONDON. Bentley Car Hire Rental London, Rent 7 Seater People Carrier Online Booking Rental

For many residents of and visitors to London, moving around the vibrant city can be quite the arduous task. But that will change for the better with the smart car hire London option. If you are a resident and need to run errands around the city but can not use your own vehicle for one reason or another, the smart car rental London is a convenient yet cheap solution.  Besides, why burst your pockets trying to score a few hours of driving around the city? Thanks to you can now enjoy a perfect weekend with friends, pick up a relative from the airport or just drive around and enjoy the awe-inspiring vista the city has to offer – all at pocket friendly rates.

About: Renting a Smart Cars

So, what makes the smart car the appealing option it is? A smart dose of history class might lighten things up. The Smart car revolution began in the early 1970’s. When the zealous Mercedes-Benz Design Team led by Johann Tomforde broke new ground.  The development of a futuristic car that would only be 2.5 metres long. Way before the smart car rental London became a reality, the oil crisis and an increasing importance of environmental. Issues fuelled the development of a car that would later on become one of the better inventions man has seen.


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