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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Before renting any of our vehicles you must be aware:



Requested Documents:

Driving licence (a photocopy will not be accepted) LICENCE MUST BE HELD AT LEAST ONE YEAR. This includes international licence holders as well. If less then one year, you will not be able to hire our cars.

Two further means of identification, which must include a utilities bill to you at your present address or any document listed below:
– Council Tax Bill (less than 12 months old)

– Current Benefit Book

– Gas or Electricity Bill (less than 3 months old)

– HM Revenue & Customs Notice of Coding (less than 12 months old)

– Letter from Benefits Agency (less than 12 months old)

– Mortgage statement (less than 12 months old)

– Telephone Bill (not mobile) (less than 3 months old)

– UK based Bank or Building Society Statement with Debit, Credit or

– Cheque Guarantee Card (less than 3 months old)

– Water Bill (less than 12 months old)

International Drivers

– Passport are required and proof of address where they are staying if on holiday in the UK (Hotel, Frend/Families House)


Vehicle Fees & Deposit

Our Smart daily rate start from £60 for two days hire. Deposit is now £600

Booking Cancellation

Reservations booked paid for in advance online, that are cancelled more than 7 days before your pick up date will not be charged. However, bookings cancelled after this times will be charged as below:

If you intend to cancel bookings within 7 days of your pick up time you will have to pay. The cancellation charge will be the cost of the rental charge for a maximum of 3 rental days.
On the other hand if booking was made and cancelled within 24 hours of your pick up time you will be charged a maximum of £50
When you make a cancellation you will be refunded the amount charged from your credit card less the cancellation charges that are applicable as above.

Later or early arrivals and no-show fees

We can assure you that your vehicle will be made available 2 hours from the time reserved specified by you. After this time there will be no guarantee that your vehicle will be available when you arrive. However, if the car is booked after or before the office is opened or closed we can not give this guarantee

Customers who have booked for a particular date but arrive a day earlier with a reservation that does not match the specified date will not be able to use the reservation that has been done online. The branch may be able to offer an alternate vehicle but you should note that the rate may not match the online reservation.

If you miss your pick up date and do not pick up your vehicle on the date booked, we have the right to charge you a no-show fee of a maximum of £50. In this event you will get a refund to your credit card less the charge for no-show.

If you miss your drop off time you will be charged for an extra days rental. This is £60 without notification.

Delivery & Collection
Delivery & Collection Service is offered for private customers, however, you would need to arrange this with the office. The charge is £50 drop off

Unused rental days

It should be strictly noted that pre-paid reservations are not refundable for unused rental days.

Additional Driver Policy fee

For an additional driver the charge is £6.50 per day  and no maximum charges. The additional driver should be over 23 years of age and held a licence for the minimum of one year. It is mandatory that the additional drivers meet the license and age requirements furnished below:

Age requirements for drivers

The minimum age for rental drivers is 23 and held a licence for the minimum of one year. Drivers aged 23-24 (both ages inclusive) comes under the young drivers’ surcharge of £15 each day and also for those drivers under 25 the insurance excess is £1,000

Drivers with non-EU licenses may be charge additional fees to cover their insurance. Quote available on request.

Details of Insurance Excess

Theft and collision damage waivers can limit the customer’s financial responsibility for damage, theft or loss of the rental vehicle. £800 is the maximum excess payable in the event of any of the above-mentioned incidents. If you want to remove or reduce the excess charges you should mention it when doing your vehicle booking about any additional products that are on offer as listed below:

Risk Reduction Cover (RRC) you can purchase to enhance the cover that is offered by the Theft Waiver and Collision Damage Waiver. This will reduce the renter’s excess charges to half or zero. It also includes an additional driver.

This will benefits you and can save up to an amount of £1,000 in the event of theft or damage.

Exclusions: In the event of the vehicle getting damaged due to hitting an overhead object, a parking barrier, the renter/driver negligence value cover is as below:

But VC can be bought as a top up cover that is already provided by the Theft Waiver and Collision Damage Waiver. The liabilities of the renter towards the damage costs to tyres, windscreens and other glass parts will be zero. What are the benefits of this? Relaxed driving is assured, since you don’t have to pay for the damaged windscreen, tyres or any other glass in the event of it getting damaged.

Any exclusions to this? Damage caused to other parts of the vehicle other than these three mentioned above due to renter/driver negligence.

Licence Requirements

At the time of rental the driver should present a valid national licence that has been taken at least 1 year prior to a rental checkout.

Similarly all UK visitors should present a fully valid licence. Licences that have been issued overseas should be identified clearly as a driving licence, or an international driving licence is required. Besides this a passport or an ID showing proof of home address, in/out, entry/exit of UK (e-tickets are acceptable) should be produced for non-UK residents.

Those UK residents who have new photo card licences should present the counterpart paper at the beginning of the rental. It is mandatory that this counterpart is produced since endorsements are made only on the paper counterpart. All endorsements need to be included in booking form. A customer who fails to notify us about disqualification and accident will not be allowed to rent a vehicle. Those UK drivers who hold an old style UK paper licence should provide the additional photographic ID which can be a Full Valid Passport, Police Warrant Card or Armed Forces ID Card, note – no other identification in any form will be accepted.

Residents of the UK holding non-EU licences can drive in the country for a period of 12 months from the time of becoming a resident of the UK. After 12 months this licence will become illegal and should be exchanged for a regular UK licence. Those residents holding a non-UK EU licence can use it for up to 3 years after becoming a resident of the UK or up to the age of 70, whichever is longer. A renter with a non-UK licence should provide a full valid passport at the rental time.

Those licence holders without a current address should produce a proof of address either by a Current utility bill, current credit finance agreement or a current bank statement as proof of address. UK licence holders are required to pass the Experian Authenticate Check to verify the address given by them. A customer that fails to produce this authentication check is not allowed to rent a vehicle. Further, if the search result is unsatisfactory, the customer will have to provide a paper based ID proof of less than 4 months of your current bank statement, current credit finance agreement or the current utilities bill to be able to pick up a vehicle at the rental station.

All visitors to the UK will have their driving licence and passport checked at the participating stations by the ID scan system for authenticity. This is a system that can detect documents that are fraudulent. If a customer’s documents fail this ID scan is not allowed to rent a vehicle. UK residents who reside in other countries should use the driving licence of the respective country they reside in or will also be subject to the above checks.

Equifax Authenticate Check

This check enables the MKL Car Hire to detect identity fraud with the independent data sources they use to establish an area of confidence in a person’s identity. This check is mandatory since it validates the details of a person and provides authenticity of the name and address of the individual making it clear that this person exists and is the same person who is the owner of the respective details provided to MKL Car Hire. After this check a foot print or an electronic note will be on your record to clear you, but it will NOT affect your credit rating, nor will it be used as any credit vetting process or the information provided will not be sold to third parties. This Authenticate Plus enables the MKL Car Hire to authenticate accurately a person’s identity without any document proofs.

An applicant’s identity and level of confidence can be got by using the authentication index, the absence of fraud alerts and the number of identification confirmation. The ID confirmations, Fraud Alerts and Authentication Index are created solely by matching the information that the applicant provides against that which is held by the Equifax database, which comprises of million records from various data sources. If you have queries in this regard or wish to get details of your credit records to avoid future issues, you can contact the Equifax directly.

Policy for out of hours

All out of hours reservations are available on request at a cost of £35.00. When a vehicle is returned out of office hours, the branch should confirm the procedure at the pick-up with regard to the return of the vehicle and the location of the key return box. Customers should be made aware of the liability of vehicle damage until the vehicle is checked, on the next working day.

Payment Policy

We accept major credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, have a 2% surcharge and American Express has 4% surcharge. Cash payments and debit cards for all our cars (Visa Electron is accepted but the card is used only to pre authorise the payment that is taken at the end of the rental. Customers should ensure that the same payment card used at the time of booking should be used at the time of rental and for deposits (see the Standard Deposits details provided below). Cash deposits are accepted at the office manager’s discretion but should be accompanied with a copy of the customer’s airline ticket and passport.

Renters will be asked for the following deposits:

1) The estimated rental cost.

2) A Security Deposit of £300. (This deposit does not include the amount of the renter’s theft or damage liability excess but it is required on all rentals). Please note: All customers with foreign driving licences and a UK address are required to pay £500.00 as a deposit (instead of £300.00). The UK residents’ renters are subject to a credit check by Equifax, and must also provide, either an old style licence or new style driving licence complete with counterpart, plus a full valid Passport. Non-UK resident In-bound renters who pay cash should produce their dated return flight ticket, passport and full driving licence, which meet the criteria chalked out in the Licence requirements section. Those using cash to rent vehicles will not receive cash refunds on deposits and cheque refunds will take around 14 days. In most cases the refund is in the form of a Sterling Cheque that is sent directly to the home address.

A fine of £140 will be charged in the event of losing the vehicle keys. Every deposit is pre authorized meaning that the amount will be marked against the card but not charged to the card. This authorization thus will reduce the cardholder’s credit availability against the limit approved. The amount too will not appear on the monthly statement of the customer.

Vehicle Damages

The Hirer is responsible for all damage caused by misuse or negligence and for all tyre repairs, wheel or replacements wheels and tyres and for any broken windows and lights and for any damage to the interior of the vehicle. If damage to the vehicle whatsoever, the cost will be deducted from deposit or all deposit will be taken. The Hirer must not make any repairs or modifications to the vehicle without our agreement.

Policy for Refueling

At the start of the rental every vehicle is supplied with a full tank. In case of the car not being returned with a full tank MKL Car Hire will arrange for a re-fueling service for a standard re-fueling charge (this includes the fuel cost) of £1.25 per litre  over the national average (published in For current prices you can ask in the branch at the time of rental.

Roadside Assistance

You will find emergency brakedown numbers on the passengers frame in the vehicle or on the tax disc in the event of an accident or a breakdown. Renters can use the emergency number seen on the vehicle. The coverage is for 24 hours a day all 7 days of the week 365 day a year.

Special Equipment

Vehicles that have no GPS units can be hired for £7.00 a day and a maximum of £70 for each rental. £100 deposit or replacement amount is essential.


1) Congestion Charge. In Central London Congestion Charge is £11.50 daily charge for driving a vehicle within the charging zone between 07:00 and 18:00, Monday to Friday.  This charge can be paid daily from Monday to Friday for vehicles moving within the zones. Vehicles that are parked in the zone for a whole day will not be charged. GBP 11.50 is charged if it is paid at midnight on the day of travel and GBP 13.00 if paid on the next day. It can be paid either by phone or online or from any retail outlets selected within the respective zone (payment the next day is available only by phone or online). A fixed penalty of GBP 130 a day for non-payment is issued but can be reduced to GBP 65.00 if paid within 14 days.

Besides this customers will have to pay daily charge for the subsequent days like Saturday, Sunday but public holidays are exempted. They will also have to pay the fee for the subsequent days excluding Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

2) Fines and Penalities. The amount of any types fines, court costs and extrajudicial, arising from improper parking, traffic offences, which are directed against vehicle. MKL Car Hire will charge an additional fixed rate of £20 administration fee for each time fine or penality received, reffering to the contracted rental period.

3) An amount of £20 will be charge when returned vehicle needs cleaning.

4) MKL Car Hire has a mandatory NO Smoking on all vehicles and customers are strictly prohibited from smoking in any of MKL Car Hire vehicles. Failure to adhere to the ‘NO Smoking’ signs that are placed in all vehicles is subject to a further £50 penalty notice.


150 free miles per day (after this mileage you will be charged 20p per mile).

Unlimited Mileage for hires over 5 days.

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* Minimum booking 2 days. Fully Comprehensive Insurance (Insurance Price Maybe Higher), 100 Miles Per Day. Booking Over 5 Days Unlimited Mileage, Satellite Navigation Voice Control System, Bluetooth, USB port
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